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Each Sunday, the Youth sit together in the main service to worship with the congregation. After songs of worship (during the announcements), the Youth are dismissed to join the Youth meeting (except Communion service on the first Sunday of each month). Each meeting provides the Youth with Scripture-based lessons and discussions tailored to their spiritual needs. We also have fun games and fellowship time! Join us and grow together in the Lord together!

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Communion Sundays

Every first Sunday of the month, the Youth stay in the main service to partake in the Communion. The Youth meet earlier that morning from 09:00 to 10:20 for Breakfast, Boardgames, and Bible Reading. This event provides an opportunity for the Youth and the leaders to get to know each other, build relationships, and practice discipleship.

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Every month, ​TIC Youth meet off-campus for fellowship. The activities vary from playing badminton, bowling, or a picnic at the park. This event is just for fellowship and we hope they can bring other friends along. We announce our monthly socials to the Youth in the Sunday meeting and by e-mails / LINE groups to the parents.

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Third Sundays

Every third Sunday of the month, the Youth serve alongside the ushers in the main service. This exposes the Youth to the heart of serving God and people in the church, provides them an opportunity to develop leadership, and connects them to the whole church body.

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