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Kouame Ange Samuel
Taipei International Church

My name is Kouame Ange Samuel,  soccer player from Ivory Coast, I am TIC since November 2018, I heard about TIC from my friend and after couple time of attending the service I have been impacted by seeing people from different culture connected with love and humility worshiping together in a very simple way and that makes me feel like my home 


As young Christian passionate by worship songs, I am currently serving in the worship team as a drummer (Cajon) but I found myself in this call when  I joined a connect group with Pastor Peter who inspired and give me the opportunity to learn the Cajon and guitar then introduced me on the stage with the team. 

I am also grateful that during  this 2 years  God has  used TIC to teach me and revealed himself to me  more  as my father and that gave me a full and clear picture about God love and holiness and comfort me in my relationship with him 

I have been blessed by connecting with brothers and sisters  from different country  and background hearing their testimony, praying together and having their support 


I would like to encourage the newcomer to feel welcome as their home, we have been praying and waiting for you, God bless you!

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