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Woody and Alita Wang

Taipei International Church

To begin, my name is Alita Tan Wang, married to Woody Wang and had two sons name (Adriel and Ainsley). Our journey in this church (TIC) started since the birth of our firstborn son “Adriel” – he is now 21 years old, quite long enough! But those long years of our relationship with TIC was so cold, just come and go….and maybe because the nature of my job is really hard for me to get a Sunday off and due to shifting. Back then sometimes I’ve usually requested to my superior that if I can’t have a Sunday off, just put me on the night shift, so I can attend church in the morning. But deep down inside of my heart, every time we walked out of the church, I always asked myself and told my husband (Woody) that something is missing and lacking in our relationship with God and TIC, I really want to serve or get involved.

It actually started when I lost my job, but I could never tell for sure; it always came gradually. I've learned about God’s comforting presence by joining the welcome ministry, much more than that my whole family is faithfully involved and serving in the refreshment and coffee team. 


The most thing that benefited me and my family was when I joined the connect group, studying and discussing the words of God while staying consistent with small group sharing praying with one another, deepening my understanding of God’s plan and purpose for our life.

I saw God’s heart for peace. I learned that evangelism was possible for even introverts. Each learning experience was a step. Seeking God through his Words. Stay in the community – meet people and develop deeper friendships with other Christians.

Wherever you are right now, God can use you! Don’t miss out on making an impact for the kingdom now by waiting for a reason, God has not put you in yet!




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