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Deborah Kay Yen Lin

Taipei International Church

Hello, I’m Deborah. I’ve been in TIC for 11 months until now. When I first came to Taiwan, God put into my heart the desire to continue with my Christian fellowship to find more Christian friends and join in Sunday worship services. I actually found TIC through Google. In the beginning, when I found TIC, I wasn’t sure if TIC was the one God would want to place me in until I felt God leading me. Even though I’ve been in TIC for 11 months, I’ve grown spiritually and my life changed. I remember one Saturday night when I was feeling homesick, I asked God if I should just return to Malaysia. I prayed for an accountability partner whom I can talk to and seek for advice and the next morning, God answered my prayer. I met my current best friend, Esther Rhee. We started to join the Connect Group and had fellowship with the Young Adults Community. 


2 months later, while I was praying, I had this word across my mind “SERVE”. Back then I didn’t know which ministry I could actually serve in until the Young Adults suggested the Worship Team. It took me a month to decide if I should start serving in the worship team. I prayed and asked God if it is what He wants me to do for His Kingdom. Honestly, as a music major, I tried to restrict my schedule. All I wanted back then was to dedicate all my time to my own practices. I was afraid that I won’t have time to practice my own repertoires if I serve in the worship team but God never fails to answer my prayer again. Today, I serve as the keyboardist in the Worship Team and it definitely did not affect any of my practices because God provides. Although I was very worried if serving in the church it would affect my school work. What I did not know was that whatever God had planned for me would be better than what I thought I could do. 


I was accepted for an internship at TIC to help in the Young Adults Community and Worship administration. The journey to the internship was put into my heart by God but at that time I based my judgment on my worldly abilities. I was not aware of the bigger plan that God had for me. As I prayed on this, I asked God to give me a sign and one day at one of the Sunday sermons, Pastor Peter spoke about God’s plans for everyone. It was during this preaching that suddenly it became clear to me that it was not Pastor who was talking but God. There are many classes related to things like baptism, prayer and many other things in TIC that I realised would help me to grow spiritually and I believe all these will help in my walk with God and share His goodness and kindness to others. We always welcome people to join us whether for worship or fellowship. 


We would like to welcome everyone to find out more about what we do and understand the way of Christian life better. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to follow us to learn more about the ways of God and what He has prepared for you in life.

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